What you think about this logo?

What you think about this logo?

Usually when I see “FU”, I instantly read it was “F*#$ YOU” and this was no exception. But I might be the only one


Why are there thin lines surrounding it? Why have you used two different weights of type in the name.

Other than that, it’s impossible to judge this since we know nothing about the organization it represents. Logos can neither be created nor critiqued in a vacuum.

You aren’t the only one :wink:

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Make that 3 of us.
The other thing that I see is “F’d Up” as well. The “first” doesn’t even register.

“FU” Just isn’t work, even though the organization is called “First Up”. First of all, people immediately (in English) read it as “F**k You”. Secondly, the fact that they’re such different sizes leaves it immensely unbalanced. The lines around it just need to go. The fact that the F bleeds out the shape but the U doesn’t causes anxiety to the viewer, like the U should bleed too. I am not saying that you should make it bleed, but something else needs to be worked out. What type face did you use for “First Up Inc.”? Is this logo intended to be used digitally, on print or both?

Also, we really need more information about what this organization is all about to give you truly insightful critique.

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