What'cha Watchin'? (Possible Spoilers)

I just started watching the miniseries “The Fall of the House of Usher”. It’s on Netflix. Other than squinting through my hands at the gross parts and calming down after an unexpected jump scare … it’s a good thriller. Each episode is based loosely on Edgar Allan Poe writings. I’ll be watching the last two episodes tonight. :grimacing:

I watch only anime. So today I watched Castlevania. Really love it

I came down with a cold over the weekend, so decided to try out the live action One Piece on netflix, knowing next to nothing about it other than ‘based on anime, which was based on a manga’.

It’s just as weird as I expected.

We just watched The Star Beast! Episode 1 of the 60th Anniversary Special. I wish the Doctor and Donna could always be together. I just love this duo! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My wife and I started watching Loudermilk on Netflix. It’s pretty enjoyable.


Gotta say, I am looking forward to this. Jerry Seinfeld’s directoral debut. Visually, it looks gorgeous. I can see some Wes Anderson and some Coen brothers influence.

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Baby Reindeer on Netfilx
It was very good - some harrowing scenes - suggest research before watching.

But a good show - despite some scenes.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife was surprisingly good.

I remember being pleasantly surprised by that movie.

I just finished Shogun on hulu (via Disney+). It was a little slow, and nowhere near what I expected when it started. Not really my usual style - historical drama - but the production value is very high, and I got fairly invested in the characters and their development.

Besides that, the wife and I re-watch The Office with evening meals and we’ve been watching Lost late-evening. I’m not a pop-culture guy, so I’d never seen Lost before. Going in totally blind.


I thought I was the only person who has not seen Lost.

I’ve seen LOST many times. I just love it!

… and hang on to your hats …

I’ve also watched Game of Thrones. If you don’t have anything to do with the Book of Faces you wouldn’t know :wink: I just love House of Dragons and I’m waiting for Season 2. I figured I would give it a go.

I avoided it because of the graphic violence. I can’t handle it. But, then I thought to myself that I eat up True Crime series like there is no tomorrow. They talk about and show some of the most horrific things you can think of. So I decided I can handle GOT and always throw up the hand if I can’t handle it. Which is what I did. I really enjoyed it. Boy, did I hate certain characters and love others. I watched the entire series in 3 weeks. I can’t imagine what it must have been like taking years to watch :wink:

Anyhoo … that’s my big accomplishment in old series. Now I know what people are talking about when I see inside jokes :grin:

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I enjoyed Lost. But even though it is hard to do with the modern notion of streaming and binging, I believe Lost is better appreciated if you don’t binge it too quickly. That and Lost, IMO, is predominantly about the characters and how they develop. The mysteries are great as well, but I know quite a few people got upset that all of the mysteries weren’t answered or explained.

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I just finished watching “Fallout” on Amazon Prime video.
It was actually very good, coming from a game!
Good set of characters and actors, can’t wait for season 2…

I was trying to remember the ‘other thing’ I finished watching recently, Fallout was it. Fun show. I never played the games so I’m sure I missed quite a few references but still enjoyed it.

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I cancelled the streaming services until Fall and subscribed to MLB.TV instead. I’ve got baseball games on all day in the background while I work. East coast day games start as early as 9 am in Los Angeles time, and the west coast games usually finish by 10 pm. I haven’t followed baseball in years and forgot how much I liked it.

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I finished this series and I’m still not sure I understand it LOLOL! :rofl: Anyone else watched?

I get the whole aliens wanting to invade thing … but I’m not getting the religion aspect of it with them. Then there is the whole many light years away aspect. They won’t land on earth for 400 years but they are actually able to know exactly what we are doing at all times. They aren’t here … but they are?? :thinking:

Regardless it was entertaining but I’m guessing there is going to be a season 2 given the way it ended.

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3 Body Problem was… “different” to say the least.
I just can’t wrap my head around how an alien race could survive in that type of orbit.
Good cast of actors, though.

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That’s my take as well. I don’t pretend to know much of anything when they talk all brainiac science and space. I know a few little tidbits perhaps. So, I’m not sure if it’s that I don’t know enough to make it make sense … or I know just enough that it doesn’t make sense LOL :grin:

Or … maybe I’m just daft enough that I’ll never understand :wink:

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They were able to send quantum probes and the theory is that what happens to one happens the other at the same time no matter what the distance. So they could these things quicker to Earth than traveling here physically.