What'cha Watchin'? (Possible Spoilers)

I love seeing all these list. Keeps reminding me of things I’ve watched as well :slight_smile:

… and need to go check out again :wink:

All that makes me glad I gave up watching TV.

When do you find time to watch all that? Or do you do it at 2x speed and slow down the good parts.

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LOL PD :smiley: For us, we like to pick a series that we watch at night after dinner. We had the occasional binge where we watch an entire series in a night and realize it’s 5 am :wink:

But, most times it’s just a few shows a night until we finish the series. We’ve been doing this for quite a few years so it adds up.

I’m guilty of watching re-runs when I’m crafting … that way there is some noise but I don’t have to pay close attention.

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This may sound snobby, I’ve been going out of my way to avoid any fictional series. I don’t like to be emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters for any length of time more than an hour or two. Most of what I watch is documentaries, news, and seminars. When I do decide to take time out to watch anything fictional, it’s usually a movie thatI know will be over within a couple of hours. Mad Men and Futurama are the most recent series that I’ve seen every episode of.

I’m not judging people who watch a fictional series, which is most people. If anything, I envy people who have that kind of time on their hands and are able to escape or worry little about what’s happening in the real world surrounding them.

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Nothing wrong with that. We all have different likes and dislikes.

I will add Mad Men was a fav of mine too and I love a good Documentary. I’ve watched most that Netflix has to offer. All but the War genre … I can’t do it :frowning: Makes me physically sick to watch.

Which brings up another watch/won’t watch topic:

I can’t do what they call horror movies now days. They are nothing but gore. And I can’t tolerate that. I used to love horror/thriller movies like Hitchcock’s Psycho or anything Stephen King.

I actually liked the Final Destination series as well … but that just about pushed passed my boundaries. But, I admit to being a bit of a fan of dark humor and the FD series had it :wink: That was about the last horror movie I watched.

I tried to watch the first Hostel and said nope! I’ve never seen a Saw and don’t intend to. And there are others that I just can’t even mention that completely gross me out just thinking about and I’ve never seen them lol. I have no tolerance for them. I’ll stick to my old campy thrillers :wink: You know the ones that were made to scare you and not make you vomit LOL :smiley:

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I’m sort of with you there DZ, but still a bit different. Just before bed, I’ll allow myself an hour’s worth of down time to get ready for sleep. I’ll watch science fiction or documentaries some of the time during that hour, but I don’t stray far from that. More often than not, instead of a hour’s worth of video, I’ll read or work my way through Lynda.com lessons, TED talks or listen to podcasts. I can’t remember the last movie I’ve seen, and don’t even own a television (Galaxy tablet and headphones work just fine).

I’ve heard it referred to as torture porn.

try this one

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I don’t want to see people hurt — on-screen or off. It’s upsetting to me, and I won’t watch it.

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I haven’t heard that before … but whatever it is … it’s not for me. I’m too much of a baby I guess lol … I don’t want to see people slaughtered … real or made up.

I’d rather watch a old rom com lol :smiley:

The reason my wife and I watch more TV shows now than movies is time. Our TV usually doesn’t get turned on until 9:30 or 10:00 at night. At that point, we’ll watch something for 30 or 45 minutes before going to bed. A few years ago, we could start a movie at that time and finish it before bed. Now, it takes 3 or 4 sittings to get through a movie.

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I almost always have something on as background noise. So a weekend day of watching movies is really a day of laundry, chores, crafting, etc. Especially crafting. Like Kittie, I like to have something on that’s entertaining but not distracting. I’ll watch an entire season of a show while I sew all day.

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My wife sews professionally. She likes to have the TV going in her work room while she’s working – but it has to be something she’s seen before or that’s pretty light.

I can not have a video playing while I’m working – it’s far too distracting.


Same here. I can’t even have music playing or I can’t concentrate. I’m distracted way too easily.

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Rules of Engagement

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I don’t wacht any tv shows regularly except wheel of fortune and big brother when it’s in season.

Loving Vincent

Bernie - not a new movie but I still watch it a few times a year.

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The reboot was pretty good !! Though I am a biased fan of the movie reboots.

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We hardly ever watch shows live - we record them and watch them when we have time, and so we can whizz thru the ad breaks. These are the shows currently set on a Series Link so the whole season is recorded. We don’t get the same shows in the UK so this is a different list (but not that different);

  • Doctor Who - about to start a new series with a new Doctor (very exciting)
  • Sherlock being rerun now, also
  • Elementary with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu
  • Vera (cop show)
  • Endeavour (young Morse)
  • Inspector Montalbano (Italian cop show) and
  • Young Montalbano
  • Wallander (English version with Kenneth Branagh and the original Swedish ones)
  • Horizon - long running science documentary series
  • Later with Jools Holland - live music show
  • Victoria - excellent drama of the life of Queen Victoria
  • NCIS - we’re on season 14
  • NCIS New Orleans
  • Star Trek reruns - TOS and TNG showing one after the other every weeknight (I have all the episodes of TOS on the TiVO now), Voyager they showed the whole thing last year, Enterprise the year before, hoping DS9 isn’t as bad as I remember when that swings round again, still waiting for Discovery
  • Stargate - they showed all of the original, Atlantis and Galaxy in the last 2 years

Other than that, usually science or history documentaries, the occasional film or a TED talk - some of these on YouTube. It sounds like we watch TV a lot but we really don’t lol.

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I’ve watched the entire “new” series of Doctor Who again in anticipation for our new Doctor! I can’t wait!! :smiley: :smiley: I’ve pretty much got the past seasons memorized now lol :smiley:

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If someone is completely uninitiated with Doctor Who, what season / series / version is best to start with?

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