What's wrong with "Thor: Love & Thunder" poster?!

Look at the real ones. Identify the focal point in the composition. Easy, isn’t it? On yours, not so much.

@ Forqanm is this your work? The forum rules don’t allow posting other people’s work for critique.

The poster is the same as that shown on this website.


Hmmm…when I went looking for the official poster releases, this one wasn’t among them. I assumed it was a re-jig by the OP. Either way, I’d have the same reaction, perhaps partially because my perception is clouded by a general dislike of the “fantasy” genre. I don’t like any of the posters, or the overcrowded, overreaching style. The airborne oxen really take the cake.

LOL. :grinning: That’s an almost identical response that I had written before I decided to perform an image search. I really dislike the entire genre of comic book action movies, fantasy art, and the over-the-top visuals that go with it.

That said, I’m going to close this topic because I’m reasonably sure the OP didn’t create the poster.