Where did i go wrong with my website?

It gives me great pleasure to send my greetings to all of you.
I need an advice/feedback how I can improve my site: jezasoft.com
For example, visual hierarchy, interlocution of elements, from a marketing perspective.

Thank you

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hey :slight_smile: yshcherban
i like the website design, but why did centered all the texts? it makes it looks less professional and its difficult to read the centered texts .

Instead of ‘empty’ marketing promises, I would summarize what you offer on the very first page.

Generally the template is very similar to hundreds of thousands of other sites, which in your case is a problem, because you want to demonstrate your abilities.

Change ‘Contact With Us’ to ‘Contact Us’

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I’m trying to fix it. Thanks a lot

Overall I like that you’re aiming at minimal design.
Perhaps a wee bit too minimal, or lacks some dynamic?


  • I’d change the headings for starters, make them a bit bigger “Hire outsorcing team, What we do, Who this is for…”
  • Elements under “What we do” could have blue outlines or blue backgrounds (same blue as logo) to differ a bit from the rest. If not the colour, you could add an icon for each of the boxes.

-Is header image a possibility? Something subtle enough to put text and a call to action (hire us) over it?


  • Less characters per row. Aim at about 70. Better readability.
  • Image is not the best quality and doesn’t say much.

I feel like it’s almost there, but could use a bit more content and structure. Don’t be afraid of using colour. :slight_smile:

Love the minimalism! I agree with @Delta, I would like to see your logo color used somewhere-potentially in your header text? Or maybe the background of one of your sections?

Capitalize your titles, “Full Stack Web Development” and “How We Work”. As they are right now it seems like a sentence unfinished.

Check your overall grammar/syntax.

"CMS customization (Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Bitrix)
Also we can customize your life. " - Maybe something less after the fact sounding, like “CMS customization (…) Including your life!” “Also we can customize your life.” Sounds like a major afterthought. I get the playfulness of it though.

"We use the most popular frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Bulma and other.
Support for Apple devices."
Maybe something like “… and other frameworks, including support for Apple devices.”

"You can choose Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce or Bitrix." Maybe something more along the lines of …using different platforms we integrate with: Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, or Bitrix." This is going to sound a bit nicer to the potential client. Rather than bluntly telling them upfront that these are their choices, word it so that it sounds like a feature, rather than a limitation as it does now.

I’m going to stay away from design elements for the moment being, but your site loads incredibly slow. I would focus on optimization immediately.

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