Which logo from these 2 is better?

Hi There, please give me your comments on what you think about these 2 examples. I personally think both look good, but just can’t decide which one is better.

I accept every criticism.
Which logo is better?
Or, which change should you suggest?

Business Type: Web Development
Business Name: Codify Experts

Here is the first example, with inverse colors:

The second one looks pretty generic, like yet another coding logo. There’s nothing novel or surprising about it. It’s simply not memorable.

The first one is better, as there’s something unusual about the iconic mark, like there’s a deeper meaning to it.

Could please tell us more about this project?

Thanks for the response! appreciate it. I am a little more for the first one too.
About the brief, not many details are available though.
It’s just a new web development company for custom solutions. Mainly working for Theme customizations and stuff.
As you probably get it, for the first logo, it represents the < > coding characters and : as well( ; is more used in coding but it doesn’t look that good so : looks better)

What do you mean by better?

My idea of what makes one logo is better than another depends on:

  • who the target audience is
  • what it is that you’re trying to convey to them and how effective is at communicating that
  • how it will be used

If you can answer some of these questions, I might be able to give you a more meaningful opinion based on function and how fit for purpose they are.

Going only on aesthetics, the second one is a little awkward. I like the first example a bit better. I’m assuming the logo is independent of the logotype and that you would supply two or three different configuration lockups.

One oddity is the size relationship between the logo and the logotype. The former seems a little small in relationship to the latter. On the other hand, that unusual size differential does supply some tension, which is sort of nice.

With the information given, I like number one better. The sharp edges on the icon better compliment the sharp edges on the text, which goes well with the characteristics often associated with coding and other computer sciences. The rounded edges on the second one come across as soft, and in the context of computer coding this kind of reads as not-sharp, or imprecise.

Other than that, I’d point out that you’d want to manually adjust the kerning and/or tracking on the bottom line if you stack the text like in part two - the Y and S are both objectively aligned together on the right, but the way the whitespace in the Y character plays out, it looks imbalanced.

The second one are best, very talented and good for what style we using for logos right now! ^^


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Who cares about what the trendy styles are right now. Is the logo suitable for business in question? Hard to say with the dearth of information given.

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First one.Simple and right to the point.

Folks are joining just to pick a fav … how odd


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Well… they joined the site back in 2020 and posted a similar thing for their own logo.
They have a portfolio through their linked in page - links directly to a crowdsourcing site…

So my guess this is for a crowdsourcing gig.

At which my vote is none of them.

It’s not even that different from their original

Nope … This is what I was referring to :wink:

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Oh - I do understand what you meant - I was doing some digging of my own to see why new people were joining now to comment.

That was the grammar nazi in me talking. Nothing at all to do with opinions.

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