Wine Brand Redesign

Hi all,

I was recently tasked with creating an English version of an existing Asian wine brand logo. The logo is for an online and brick and mortar wine shop centered around the popular wine manga The Drops of God. The top version is the existing logo and the bottom is my redesign, catered to a more refined US audience aged 25-45. The tight set Futura “Drops of God” text is the current title format for the manga, but the publisher might change that. The keywords were “relaxed sophistication”. I changed the emblem/shield into a more ambiguous wine glass shape and added a little visual interest to the grape bunch to incorporate the Drops of God theme. I also created a suite of logos for differing uses and sizes. From left to right- full horizontal, full vertical, monogram/icon, and small sizes. I’m interested to gauge how effective a redesign this is, keeping in mind the new demographic. Thanks!

I love the redesign. It looks really modern and fresh, also I think it fits the audience you want to target.

The only thing that I would recommend is going for only one thing either the drop wine glass icon or the WS logo typography kinda thing. Both together looks a bit much and it will make it less recognizable.

I have one question: Doesn’t the customer want to know it is an asian wine? Because then I woul try to make the new logo a bit like wanna be asian like we westerners would see a asian bran do you know what i mean? Otherwise it will just look like any new redesigned wine.

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