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So, as I’ve said before I’m still a student. I have recently acquired a paying client. I’m working with the web designer with this project. The company needs a fresh looking logo, for parents and teens who struggle to talk about topics that are uncomfortable (namely birds and bees, troubled teens). The client requested a logo, being scrapped for time I at work, I sketched some logos out on my Note8, brought some ideas to the computer. Then picked the best 4 ideas I had and presented 4 concepts. The concept decided on is at the very bottom (Its still a work in progress) namely re-configuring where the logo is and the shape of the heart/house.

I’m just looking for feedback on my process, and I’m wondering if the best idea was developed.

Great job! Yes, your process is solid. Sketches, rough computer development, refinement. Out of the four concepts you developed on the computer, I like the house / heart approach and the speech bubble / heart / Venn diagram approach the best.

I’ll hold off commenting about the final logo since you asked for feedback on your process. However, since you say it’s a work in progress, let me know if you’d like some thoughts on that.

This is good — a series of actual sketches that are narrowed down and refined. That’s the way ideas are quickly explored, refined and finally chosen.

A whole lot depends on clients, of course, since they’re paying for it. Your original sketches showed quite a few ideas — some clichés and some not. Personally, I would tended to have avoided the clichés for the final solution (hearts, houses), but it does work.

I sort of liked the very first sketch — the thought cloud with the play button triangle in it. It might not have been as immediately approachable or recognizable as the direction you went, but I liked the idea.

Thanks for sharing your process this way. We don’t get enough of this. I use my Note the same way, but mostly for story-boarding, as my work doesn’t include much branding these days. (I’m envious.)

The house/heart is pretty typical of this type of “program” identity; I’m not surprised it was chosen. It’s an interesting combination of structured and loose line. Nice work. Be mindful of the weight of that line in varied applications; I’d say it’s critical to the mark’s perceived personality. A little too heavy or light and its charm could start to fade.

I do, however, favor the speech-bubble/heart Venn diagram motif. Thanks to text-messaging GUI conventions, the paired bubbles are so identifiable, and the overlap forming a heart is a great “unspoken” message. It’s very appealing, and the one I’d have chosen to pursue.

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I agree with this. House/heart is basic logo for this and you can find a lot of similar logos on google. I think speech bubble/heart is the best solution.

Is this a classic example of like how many different ways you can tweak the design of your browser’s Home button?

That’s the problem I have with it, it’s so similar to other designs. I feel basically everything with a heart has been done. I preferred the conversation boxes.

I just have to vary some line weight and add a directional symbol.

“Parent act…leads to healthy kids”

First of all everything with a heart has NOT been done … so don’t lose heart. I know this for fact.

Secondly if you are going to pursue the speech bubble idea push it as far as you can away from anything like this:

I think I’d make a horrible GD prof … prolly get fired within a month of being on the job … or sooner!

Final Logo.

Slightly Varied Symbol.

Type: Arial (the dot on the i was modified) & Georgia

Have not submitted to client yet, was hoping for some final feedback. I tried to adjust it as much so it can work as a small web favicon, and it generally works large. The challenge was making it work small, which still is a slight problem area.

I scrapped the arrow idea, I decided to make it appear as if the whole thing was slightly stressed right to center (the heart in relation to the house, and the type in relation to the home, the heat also interacts with the t slightly for the whole PA leads to healthy kids…but that may be stretching meaning)

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