WorldTour website critiques

Hello, i’m software developper currently creating a website for the world tour we are doing with my wife.

I’m software developper … and not designer, so i know my website have a lot of design failures, and that’s why i’m asking the design_critiques reddit community to help me improve my design :slight_smile:

The website is guidemichmich

Thanks you in advance,

Not a whole lot to say. It is, I assume, a personal project just for you as a record of your travels. You are the client. If you are happy with it, so be it. It’s clean, it does it’s job. The only big mistake is the text running over the background leaf pattern on the home page. It makes the text illegible.

The other niggle I have is with text line length. Ideally, text should be around 75 characters per line for readability (not less than 45). You can go up to perhaps 90 and it still be OK. Yours on the carnet de voyages are around 120. Again, though, you are the client, if you are happy with it, that’s your call.

Thats quite some trip you are taking! Have fun.

Thanks a lot for your sincere answer. I will correct the text running over the background and the text line length.

I’m the client of this website but also, i want to have the better design i can on it because

  • i want to improve my design skills
  • i want to share this website as a portfolio for my after-trip career

So thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile: