Wow, rusty!

So bored after 4 weeks of house. Picked up a pencil yesterday for the first time in maybe 2 years. Gonna take some time to shake off the rust to get something even close to worthy of inking. The good news is, my ink pens are still good!

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Just moved it for you.

I really ought to break out my pencil collection and start drawing again too. Drawing is what got me interested in this whole field to begin with. Somewhere along the line, it got preempted by computers and design being design, not art.

one of the more amusing stick studies…
This isn’t really my style (which is more Edward Gorey) but I always do quick sketches this way trying to get proportion and foreshortening right first.


I did this ages ago for a lark (and a case of beer)


Sadly, my eyesight is starting to fail me. I now just sit here and mutter rude things.


Here’s an example of the kind of sketching I used to do before I got totally sidetracked by graphic design. It’s a graphite and charcoal drawing of a girlfriend I had at the time.




Wow. Wasn’t photography invented yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, some guys impress girls by being sports jocks. Others impress them by playing guitars. I couldn’t do either, but drawing their portraits was a half decent substitute. One works with what one has. :wink:

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… but was it rewarding?


wow these are good, JUST-B drawing is fantastic!
I went for a walk and was think how quicker, easier and FUN it was to draw with ink and pen instead of markers and iPads, so this thread perked my ink!

Holy Moly! Great thread PD! I love seeing all the ink work. And B … very impressive! I would have been head over heels if someone did this for me.

Here is about as far as I delve into the mighty pen :wink:

I was rather infatuated with this one.


I like it!

Can I ask what kind of pen(s) you’re using?

How did you do the subtle shading? Is that a stipple effect with the pen or, maybe, some pencil work?

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The shading is pencil and then blend, blend… blend. I’ve never been very good at stippling.

These are the pens I use. Sorry for the flash … I just snapped this quick to show you.


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I did this the other day with a pen display and photoshop.


I’ll need to get a pack of those. I still have some old technical pens from the paste-up days, but they’re totally dried up and no longer working.

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as i remember higging is sub par while strathmore or pelican is better india ink. then the paper is important as well, not too smooth and not too bumpy,

I’ve had these about 5 years and I keep them in an air tight box and laid flat. They seem to have lasted quite nicely, but the very smallest tip skips now . :wink:

I have used Sharpie fine point on occasion … but it soaks through so bad I need 3 sheets of paper underneath :wink: I do love a good Sharpie though :smiley:

I use the Microns too RKK.

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My preference is the dip pen for the organic indulgence. My grip, however, goes the way of my eyesight.

Technical pen, on the other hand, gives me the discipline I need.

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