Your neck of the woods

My original post seems to have gone missing LOL :smiley:

But here is a pic from today. We got slammed with more snow and this was from the inside of the car before my wiper blade flew off :smiley:

Gotta love winter in Upstate NY :heart:


Please feel free to post “your neck of the woods” as well :slight_smile:

How could it disappear? Was it deleted? I want to find out…

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According to the logs it was deleted :wink:

It was back when we were all learning our way around. It only had a couple pics in it :wink:

I just figured I would start a new one :smiley:

Can’t wait to get the boat out…


Must have been a mistake by one of us the mods.

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Yes :wink:

No worries though… just posted it again :smiley:



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March 8th :smiley: We got about a foot. The trees were absolutely gorgeous.


So cool. I love when a lot of snow, but during the winter, not at spring.

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Upstate NY.


Willy!!! Great to see you. Been ages!! Love the pic too. Beautiful colors indeed! :heart::heart:

It sure has Kitty.:kissing_heart:

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Willy! Lovely to see you and your lovely photos around these parts. Glad you found us over here. yay! :smiley:

Have you seen redneckrodney in your travels? If you do, please let him know we’re here!


I haven’t seen hide nor hair of RNR in a coons age.

I think his life got really busy with his family way back when. It would be awesome if he found us again.

I really loved seeing his photos.

Maybe putting it out in the universe will make his ears ring or something LOL :smiley:

I have lost touch with him as well. That boy of his must be starting all that sports and such stuff kids do.


Yep … I have a feeling his family life is keeping him pretty busy … ain’t nothin’ wrong with that :slight_smile:


Fishin from the dock, Hudson River, NY


Washington state where we have a lot of water, mountains and forest. I live across the sound, so I get a lot of ferry time and shots.


Snow update!!

We got just shy of 2 feet of snow,… just a little farther north and they went over 3 feet :scream: Right now it’s deadly cold on top of being buried. We are heading for the minus rapidly. We were at 3° F around noon and now it’s down to 1° F.

:cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

Stay warm kiddies!!! :heart:


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