YouTube banner for Friend's Travel Channel

Hi there,

My friends are paying me to create a logo, banner and few other elements for their upcoming travel channel. They came up with the name and supplied me with the photos.

After a few rounds, this is where were with logo and banner a week ago:

My friends didn’t like the hand-drawn “is” so I changed it to a digital font. Not sure it’s sitting right.

I am also open to suggestions as how to treat the text, in terms of colors, shadow, etc.

Also, I want to a hand-drawn line traveling through the photo collage, to indicate they are traveling. This hand-drawn line might become a recurring visual element in their videos and their ‘brand’

Here is what I mean when I talk about adding a hand-drawn traveling line element:

It’s night time here and my phone goes into black and white between sun down and sun up. I can’t comment on the color.

But in black and white it looks and reads like a very lonely thing to do.

I thought the hiker lad a vagabond. With text Home is Behind… Like they left home behind and wandering the earth like a nomad.

I think your issue is that you haven’t nailed the logo or the theme yet and you’ve tried to combine two elements and possibly a third (with the line).

Sort the logo out first.
Once you nail the logo then consider other elements.

Explore different idea like the line and hand drawn text with logo iterations.

The imagery probably need to look more friendly, enjoyable etc.

Looks miserable in black and white…

The stitching on the right isn’t great - looks awkward and glaring errors.

My friends hired me to create a logo, banner and animated intro for their new travel vlog they are launched.

They chose the name, and provided photos for the banner.

Here is where I am with the logo. The logo needs to be legible over the photo banner. I’ve been pushing towards treating the “is” and “travel” in script / handwritten way, so it will tie in with the traveling line in the banner.

I am feeling stuck, I don’t know how to treat the “is”. I’ve written it so many times. The client suggests to treat the “is” digitally and lowercase, like in #4. I don’t know if the case and scale change is jarring.

Given the choices, I prefer number 4 too.

I think 0. is my favorite.

I would probably drop the “is” altogether - seems a bit too literal and wordy.

Welcome back - this looks familiar.

I see you’ve separated the logo from the image and started working on the elements before combining them - good for you :slight_smile:

Your photo stitching on the right still needs work - and I still think the image looks very vagabond and doesn’t look like fun at all. Very lonely, depressed, dark, I do think the imagery needs work - needs to be more fun and vibrant and inviting, inspiring etc.

Home is Behind all as one font - as it’s connected you read that together.
No.4 for me.

If you have Home Behind and is in a different font it’s disconnecting and doesn’t read correctly.

You have 2 messages Home is Behind - and - Travel

I think 3 is a better font and would consider Home is Behind all in the same font
And the script of 4 for travel.

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Hi @Chloe_Peanut_Piano! :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you find a way to make the logo work in a tiny circle, as that is the framing in which it would be displayed in YouTube.

Your current logo might work on the banner and in a video itself, but would be completely lost in a circle format.

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No reason it can’t be stacked. It could be animated to move too.
Potential with it.

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@Chloe_Peanut_Piano Your posts have been combined to prevent confusion.

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Thanks @Just-B. I think you’re right. The script ‘is’ is just not working. If you had any suggestions as to how to improve upon #4, I am all ears.

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