YouTube Thumbnail Design

Thanks for taking your time throughout your day to give your input.

I did not see the need to include the older versions or other versions as those are not what I’m struggling with.

This can’t be right. I did include the brief and it references Mr.Beast videos and his videos are created by a thumbnail creator called Venturepsd and almost all of his videos and Mr.Beasts too have no words.

That single image with the appearance of the girl looking shocked was my minor attempt in progress at replicating Mr.Beasts’s type of thumbnail since I was constantly told it doesn’t look similiar.

I’ve done this as I mentioned when I looked through other thumbnails and videos with such giveaways.

I’m just finding ways to show an unknown person. I could reduce the size, it was originally smaller but I was told to increase the size a little but I guess that didn’t help overall. This is a little helpful so thanks.

Overall, I find myself replying and repeating the brief and my current predicament still remains.

To be honest, the thumbnail is not good. You can write on the thumbnail as well with the big and vibrant color font “10k Giveaaway” or something like that. Moreover, the thumbnail itself not looking good. No need to add that blue background containing a question mark. Just a neet background along with a person holding money in his hands will look better. Also, please add the text “10k Giveaway.” I’ll suggest looking the giveaway videos on your youtube, like Mr. Beast or even other YouTubers. Get the idea and improve the thumbnail. Best of luck.

Thanks for the honest feedback and suggestions with the appearance of the fonts.

I had mentioned above that I do plan to add that after finding out if it looked alright without it. YouTube Thumbnail Design - #5 by WanderingUnicorn

I have looked at it and that is exactly why I mentioned above that Mr.Beasts videos do not have any text as I have added that information multiple times. I even mentioned his thumbnail creator’s name and his work with other YouTubers. I know that video linking is not allowed but it’s been mentioned. YouTube Thumbnail Design - #11 by WanderingUnicorn

Type should never be an afterthought. It should be integral – if not primary. You are communicating a message, not creating a piece of art.