First complete sketch of first design ever

This is about as rough as it gets. The name of the site I’m trying to design for is metavrs design. Should I shift gears? i

I didn’t see the vrs until I read your post. I think some research would be beneficial to your process. After that I’d suggest you keep sketching.


100s of sketches, done really quickly. That helps you get past the bad ideas.


This is a bit simpler

Still, i don’t think that shoehorning this cleaned up version of the pen nib is going to make your original sketch any more viable.

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It’s really hard to read. This is more of a doodle than a design. A design is about communicating something. Whether it is a ethos, a product, or an idea. You have the fountain pen as an concept, but the rest looks like decoration rather than design.

I agree with PD, you need to come up with some more ideas before spending too much time on designs that don’t work.

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Thanks, folks- I’ll keep thinking

Here’s an alternative idea:

Are VR your initials? It seems to be the common theme here. There really is no glory in trying to squash those two letters into some kind of esoteric mark. Also too, VR tends to mean Virtual Reality these days. Could be misleading.

While your pen nib is maybe something that might be worth looking into, between pen nibs and light bulbs, it’s a bit of a toss up as to which is more cliché in design world logos…

Keep sketching. Don’t even add color. Think about color later. Get something that works in solid black and white first (no grayscale) and go from there.

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Yeah, it’s a VR site. Actually, it’s my site. I want to design for vr but my skills are much lacking, so I am trying to work on them for a year. Then god and bank account willing, apply for design school!!

Thanks for the cliche tip!! There’s not a whole lot original in the site title either. I’m going to have to use something else!!

What is your definition of VR?

Virtual reality? I’m not too picky about the difference between vr and at, but if I were to make a distinction vr is immersion in a realistic but fantastic setting, and at is edits to the real world.

Perhaps if you explain the name you chose, why you chose it, what your company goal is, why that is your goal, what your company mantra is, who you intend to provide services to and why they would choose your company it would help provide you with some better direction and us with better insight to provide feedback.


Pencils. Right up there with nibs and lightbulbs.
What do pencils have to do with VR?

BTW, you aren’t going to learn a heck of a lot about VR in a graphic design program. That’s a rather specialized field bordering on animation and cinematography.


Well for the time being the site is going to be a blog on what I am learning in design and vr. I am learning unity game engine and VR though I am a beginner. As for design, I love design! And I figure with webvr on the way there will be call for people who can design for both the 2d and 3d web. It’s already a trend.

I’d like to document the process of my self-education as a sort of example of the outcome of using the available resources on the internet. So I’m kind of comfortable sucking at first as long as I am using principles I’ve learned from various blogs, online courses and social networks. I’m hoping that a year of hard work might show a significant improvement in my skills as well as start a nice little network of professionals and educators. And if I am able to support myself while doing so, I’d like to go to school for design. Blogging my progress for a year would be a cool addition to a university application.
So it starts as a blog while I am learning the skills I need to pursue my career, and then it becomes a portfolio in a years time.
Metavrsdesign: I chose the name because I am basically doing two different things and I want the blog to deflect that. The metaverse is the informal name for vr, ar, and the internet. I’m not the first person to use the VR in metaverse to show their vr specialty, so I thought I’d ride on their recognizable coattails. Design is self explanatory.
It was tough finding a .com name that incorporated both vr and design, especially with people snapping up vr urls like hotcakes. I’m pretty happy with what I have, though.

Ugh, you’re right. I really need to let them go. My problem is I am trying to smooth together two related but separate fields so I’m trying to find an icon that represents both. I think I have an idea, but it will take some time to finish.

I’m learning vr and unity as well. I’m hoping there will be a market for people who know how to use the principles from both fields.

Writing concise briefs is an important part of the design process. I feel like you don’t have a brief at this stage.

Before you go too deep, find out the requirements for the design school/s you are most likely to go to. Some schools require a portfolio. It’s not so much about polished graphic design pieces, but about showing raw talent and basic understanding and creative thinking.

If you’re putting together a body of work to explore graphic design this year anyway, you might as well be working towards an application portfolio. If you aim for 1-2 pieces per month, you’ll have a nice body of work to choose from in a year’s time.


Definitely! I’m Canadian so I have my sights set on Emily Carr u, ocad, and nscad since that is nearest where I live.

Oh yes, and I don’t have a brief. I don’t even know what one is, but I’ll be googling it tonight!!

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