Goin' Down That YouTube Rabbit Hole

The Marble Music Machine :heart:

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Yep, the marble machine is still going!

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LOL … somehow I missed that :wink:

Engineering and building a musical contraption like that must have taken thousands of hours. Playing it looks physically exhausting. Geeech!

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I like all the bearings on the floor after. :smile:
I never realized how far into that machine he was putting his arm either. Seems dangerous for a musician.

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I for sure would have fallen down on those bearings LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not to one-up you, but I surely would have taken one in the eye. The left eye. Always.

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ouch …


Yes, this is THAT John Hinckley, Jr…

I might be cynical, but I can’t help but think he’s singing about Jodie Foster.

Not sure that’s too cynical.

That is too cringy for words!


And yeah … I’ll eat my hat if that’s not about Jodie.

Did you know that on June 15 of this year, He was fully released from court restrictions? He had a list as long as my arm to follow when he got out in 2016. Now he has free as a bird to showcase his “talent” openly. He had to do it anonymously before. It had to be really anonymous … I had no idea he even had a YouTube channel.

Doesn’t everyone?