Goin' Down That YouTube Rabbit Hole

Coincidentally, I landed here on my way to look at videos to help with a design problem, and there’s one that actually relates directly. Sometimes the rabbit hole leads right where you wanted to go!

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the video is missing now, but I got curious and found this; not sure if it’s the same one. Pretty cute logo!


Not often you see comedy in Ballet :wink:


Apparently, videos without music is a thing, and it’s pretty funny.


OMG I’m dyin’ :rofl: That is too funny :stuck_out_tongue:

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Makes me want to dance in the street! :laughing:


Marching band? Nah…


Lorem Ipsong :joy:


lmaooo … when it went into rap I almost spit my tea out :rofl:

Well, that was kind of catchy. And I understood every single word. :grinning:

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Genius. I immediately thought 'where can I repost this’ but this may be one of the few forums where it gets such a reaction. Some very talented people out there with too much time on their hands :grin:

Even an attention-getting television ad like this wasn’t enough to save Kmart.


Nice advert, interestingly enough Kmart is still very much alive and well downunder, actually buy a lot of stuff from there.

lmao … that’s great :smiley: :rofl:

That’s because Australia doesn’t have Walmart. In California, we had KMart until Walmart came to the west coast, then KMart disappeared.

What I’d like to know is how does Japan still have a functioning Tower Records? It liquidated in the US in 2006. This is video shot earlier this month. At 10:30 it shows the floor with vinyl. I’m just stunned at the size.

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About just over a year ago I bought a treadmill for winter training, who wants to go out training in the wet and wind… not me not any more…

Anyway - I got one with a screen and a fitness plan on it. Basically a pre-recorded trainer comes on the screen and you follow their workout - the treadmill goes up and down incline as per the terrain the pre-recorded episode, and it speeds up and slows down depending on the training you’re doing etc.

It’s quite automatic and I really like that.

So I found this guy I liked his training and his easy going attitude and very knowledgable.

He gives fantastic reviews of areas, historic information about the areas running in etc. So it’s very immersive onscreen experience.

Just recently I discovered this trainer - Tommy Rivs - was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer.

I was completely shocked and he has gone from 2hr08m marathons to 6hour+ marathons.

I’ve been following his story and found this interview.

It’s 2 hours long

And he journeys through the discovery of his illness to where he is now.

I just thought I’d share here.

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New Year’s Eve celebration on Russian television.

You might need a Twitter account to view this, but it’s one of the weirdest and most inept things I’ve seen in a long time.



How odd :flushed:

Those smiles looked like they were forced to be there. If you watch closely, some are barely clapping, but making it look like they are enthusiastic. I’m sure they were told to smile and exactly what to say, so I’m sure they did as they were told.

Otherwise, they might find themselves accidentally falling out a window.

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Reminds me a little of the “Springtime for Hitler” number from the Mel Brooks film “The Producers”. :rofl:


Romanian Gypsy (Romani) pop music.

It’s 1:15 in the morning and here I am, watching this weird stuff.

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