Goin' Down That YouTube Rabbit Hole

So awful that it’s great!

North Korean child guitar ensemble. One of my scary favorites. It’s got a Village of the Damned vibe.

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That’s awfully impressive but also a bit creepy. I wouldn’t be surprised if those little kids have no life other than practicing for the glory of the Supreme Leader.

Two possible reactions:

a) Oh, hell no.

b) Must be a great country, I’ll check it out!

I can only imagine how incredible it would be to hear this live.


Seeing and hearing talent like that makes me feel entirely inadequate.

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Bah, it’s the work she’s been doing while you were doing yours.

I saw this documentary only the other day - this guy dismantles these beasts and reassembles them for a new buyer. Incredible stuff. I could only find a trailer to share.