Hello Designers! My Intro!

Hi everyone, my name is Ashley!
I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, and I am currently jobless. Here’s my hopefully short story…

I received my degree in 2015, and I’ve had a couple jobs since. They didn’t last very long, unfortunately. But, it was part of the learning process. I did’t feel I had really learned much about designing for print (I got my degree online, so it wasn’t very hands on), so it 2017, I enrolled in a couple courses at community college and learned more about the printing processes, and even how to operate a couple. So, this led me to a job at a print shop, where I did prepress work, and assisted with the printing press. I was there a year, and the company went under. Very mismanaged.

After that, I worked at a print and sign shop for just shy of a year doing prepress and extremely quick designs, like invitations, signs, banners, logos, etc… I liked the job and the people I worked with, but then COVID came to town and I have been laid off for 7 months so far. I live in an area that hardly ever has a job for a designer listed. (We are trying to relocate in the next 6 months, so hopefully it will be better). So, the majority of the work I have done has been print and prepress. Which is great, I love it, but everything is digital. I have been learning new skills while I’ve been laid off, and creating pieces for my portfolio, but I never get call backs for an interview. It really starts to wear on you.

So, I started an Etsy shop, just to see what it’s all about and maybe to start making some passive income. I bought a vinyl cutter, and I’ve been doing some work with that, and I just love it. So, I’ve decided that I don’t want to be a corporate robot and have to learn everything under the sun. I want to be my own boss. So, that’s where I am now. Trying to figure out life and what to do with my talents.

Other than that, I have fiancé (we have been together for 9 years, engaged for 1, and getting married October 2021), and we have a cat. (our other cat has been missing for 9 weeks, so it’s been rough). Thanks for reading!

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Your story is awfully typical of many other designer’s experiences. It’s not nearly as easy or full of fun as many people seem to think.

Good luck with the Etsy shop! I hope it works out well. I’m sorry about your cat. As a pet owner myself, losing one really hurts. :cry:

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Welcome to the forum. I’m in a similar boat university didn’t teach us anything really about printing. Most of my work has been digital got a design job with a guy I know who does web work and I’m his only designer.

Covid19 hit and my full-time job went under so here I am. Good luck with the Etsy shop and finding your cat.

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Welcome to the board, @TheHandmadeDesigner! Hopefully our community here can help you to discover some rays of light at the end of the tunnel and some valuable tips and feedback along the way.

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