Hello designers

Hello, I just found this forum and I’m interested to join it and chat with fellow designers.
My name is Berg (not really), I’m 32 years old from Norway. I’m hopefully about to try start my own company. I’m interested to learn if anyone on this forum has ever started on their own or anything like that.
I have 16 years of graphic design experience, 10 years of photography experience and 5 years web development experience.

Anyway, I will be posting in other boards soon. See you around :smiley:

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Welcome Aboard! :wave: :grin:

Hi, Berg,
Yes, there are a number of professional designers on this forum who have started their own businesses including myself, who started my company, Creative Media, Inc., in 1982 and ran it successfully for many years up to 2017 when I sold my company and retired.

In total, I have 50+ years in design, advertising, and marketing before I retired. Most of the others here have younger businesses, so you could say I am part of the “Old Guard” here. But the principles of good business are timeless and never change. Only technology and the tools available to us seem to change daily.

Bottom line, all of us here will be happy to help you all we can.