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Hello everybody,

I am Lateș Iulian and I am from Romania, I am 23 years old and currently a student. The reason I created an account on graphic design forum is because I need connection with people that are are on the same page as me. I started designing a few years back but I have never managed do to something concrete with this hobby of mine, I kind of need help and I hope to find some tips and information about that it really takes to be a graphic designer on this forum. My hope here is to make friends and get criticized on my work if that is possible.


Welcome & Bine Ati Venit to the forum! Hope we can help you out in our own special way :wink:

What city are you attending Uni in?

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Hey, thanks for the warm welcome. I am attending University in Iași City, nice place if you ask me. xD

Hello Hinnks!
Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

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Welcome to the madness.

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Hiya Hinnks!!! Welcome Aboard!!! :slight_smile:


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This was my topic but anyway, welcome to Graphic Design Forum !! :smile: I hope you will have a great time here, I certainly do.

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That was a welcome hi-jack! C’mon Kittie! Break 'em up so Hinnks can have his glory!

This forum is about glory, right?

And on a relevant note, welcome Hinnks. I’m glad you found your way into an educational setting. It’s the first step to turning your hobby into a career possibility. It’s a long path to being a successful designer. After 13 years even I can’t say I’ve truly ‘made it’. If it weren’t for me stumbling into the print industry I may have thrown in the towel years ago. Don’t deviate from your path like I did. Practice, train, keep up with trends - and make money doing what you love.

And if you need help with print graphics, i’ll give an educated yet grumpy answer.


Hey, thanks. I have noted what you have said. Grumpy answers are better than superficial ones, they are the constructive tips everyone needs to accept.

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Welcome Lates lulian

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