Hello there! I got recommended here

Hi there,

Thanks for letting me be part of the Graphics Design community. I kind a got recommended here by friends, because, its more active and there are other designers on here to talk to. Also, I was encouraged from others in IRL and they told me I should be with my ‘group’.

Hello, I am dino nguyen and I am a graphics designer and photographer. I work on logos and brandings, vector art, sketching (traditional + digital) to photography. Nevertheless, from time to time, I enjoy working on industrial design - digitaly and using traditional methods.

Thanks again. Looking forward to speak with you all and have fun!

Welcome to the forum Dino

Indeed we have a few graphics designers here, but the bulk of them you can find fifth door to the left.

Thank you for replying. Also, I am currently redesigning my logo for my website. But when I am done, where do I upload them to help me decide which logo I should go for? :slight_smile:

Been working hard and I will also write a paragraph about my logos and why I design them like that.

Thanks for the help if you can tell me which section I should post into?

Are you a student in school?
If so post em here:

If you are beyond school Post them here:

But wear your heavy armor. You will get honest critiques from many here in the industry which you are free to take on board or ignore.

And Graphic Design. Not Graphics Design, please

Thanks for the head up. I’ve read many post and a lot is not for the faint of heart. I will also do my best to write out a desciption about my work / project.

Thanks again,


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