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Hey my name is Amir i’m new to this forum page and just wanted to see how this community works and get involved with the people on here. Yes i’m enrolled in LAFS , but no this isnt a PR campaign for the school. Its an assignment they are having us do to get involved with people within are communities degree for a grade on the subject.


Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

I gave you your own thread :wink:

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Welcome to the forum

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Interesting assignment! How are you all being graded? I would love to see the metric.

Thanks so much :smile:

Its a 2 piece assignment


Thanks cant wait to be apart of the community

Welcome to the community!

It’s a grand place to be - I really enjoy my time, and even though I’m 25 years in business, I still learn lots every day from the other members.



HiddenAve — I’m glad you are a part of our community. One thing new posters from LAFS forget, is to be sure to include a specific question. Without a question there is little us old-timers can say. I am a recently retired Creative Professional with 50-years of experience in graphic design, writing, TV and radio production, so there are few areas in which I could not provide advice. So, ask away!

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Thanks I will definitely stay in touch, thanks for being so welcoming to me on the forums really appreciate the support.

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Anytime HiddenAve. FYI—you can usually find me hanging out at “The Crit Pit” section of this forum.

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