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Hello all! I´m new here and would like for you to please give me some critique on these logos I designed. The company is for industrial design, tv set design, stand or expos, pop displays, etc. Ninetyseven stands for my initials which are I and G.
What do you think?


Oh, goodness, please, No Lightbulbs…!
The “ninet even” isn’t working at all either.
#2 and #3 stress the 7 as in 79.
#1 works the best but jamming the “ninetyseven” then stretching the “design” isn’t the best solution to this.
Not sure where the I and the G of your initials enters into the picture.
Keep sketching.


These are smart, but none of them are just right just yet… All of them feel a bit forced, and ‘overdesigned’. Work on it more and find a simple visual solution. I think you’re halfway there…

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I think #3 is an interesting idea. It looks like a person bent over (I suppose that’s what you were aiming for?)
Though unfortunately it doesn’t go with what the company does. Could be used more as a logo for an athletic event or something similar.
But if you could somehow make it more relevant for your company, I’d try and develop it. Or perhaps use it as a base to work on a clear and simple design.

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I like the Flamingo in #3

though as stated above, it could be a person bending over and waiting for someone to come [sic] by.


Thank you for your reply!
As for the lightbulb I don´t like it very much either, just throwing some idea out there.
Do you think the 7 is stressed more in #3 tan the 9?
Oh and the letter I is the 9th and the G is the 7th of the alphabet.
Thanks for your feedback

Thank you very much for your critique. Any ideas as to how I can make them right or which has the most promise?

Thanks for your reply! No, I wasn´t trying to aim for a person bent over. It is supposed to be a 9 and a 7 merged.
I´ll keep sketching.

Thanks for your reply!

For what it’s worth, ninety-seven should be hyphenated. Companies with typos in their names can make a bad first-impression.

As for the numeral 97, I think you’re trying to force those two glyphs to do things they just don’t want to do. One thing I learned early in my career is that when a seemingly good idea doesn’t pan out quickly, the best thing to do is move on to the next idea.


Ok so I kept sketching as some of you suggested and made it simpler. I only included the name on the first two but all of them would have it. I´m looking to have a name and a mark that can be recognizable for itself.
What do you think?

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I get what you say about the hyphen being the correct grammar but on this case I think I´m gonna leave it without it for aesthetic purposes.
Do you think my new designs work out better?
Thanks for your feedback!

#1 is the best, however it still needs some adjustments and maybe some shape of enclosure or partial enclosure.

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Some of the other users suggested to make it more simple, which I think I made. Don´t you think that by adding enclosure I´m gonna make it more complex or ´overdesigned´?
Thanks for your feedback!

It seems too open. Just a collection of shapes beside each other. Something like a half circle border might make everything appear as a single element. But that’s just my opinion.

Or all reversed out of a half circle solid black.

The 97 is too far away from text too.

Also use the ninetyseven from the old one’s #4 (Not the word “design” tho)

Hi NinetySeven,

Nice designs…

I like the idea of the 9 and 7 being part of your name in I and G. I would think that the company name should be nine seven myself… 97 technically goes outside the alphabet :smiley: But I understand how people would read it too… so… there is a quandary.

The design that i would like to see more like a 9 and 7 is your logo design idea number 4-5…

Perhaps the way to make it work would somehow to work the 9 as the outer portion of the bulb and the 7 as the filament.

I look forward to seeing what comes of this post and your logo!


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Hi everybody! Thank you all for your kind feedback and critique. It seems that I´m getting mixed comments and ideas from my logos and I´m kinda lost as to what direction I should go for. So I´ve selected my 5 personal favorites from all the options that I posted and now using letters to identify them and avoid confusion.
I would appreciate a lot your help since I don´t havea lot of logo design expertise.

What do you guys think???

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