MidJourney AI Tool

AI based illustration tools like Dall-e 2 and MidJourney are a brand new tool in a designer’s toolbox. Check out a series I created with MJ inspired by Malaysian ghost stories.


Another set of illustrations titled: “dental neon”


I must play with this. Looks cool!
On the other hand, I don’t think I want to hear the ghost stories. Those look pretty darn creepy!


Inferno series.


I finally, sort of, kinda … figured it out LOL. Discord is a bright and shiny new thing for this old gal :grin:

They aren’t very interesting yet. Most I see are kind of on the gross side. But some are quite captivating.

Here are the few I’ve come up with so far.



RKK can you post the Discord link? All I’m getting is a “you are alone in this server” message.

Oh and watch out for the ‘post on return’ feature of discord. Try to do a line return and your post immediately posts. Shift+return for a line return. Has caught me out on more than one occasion, LOL

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Sure!!! :smiley:

This is where I started out:

When I clicked “Join Beta” I ended up here and had to join Discord:

It says to go to #Newbies-74:

Then I just played from there. You will laugh … but I had to Google how to get the images to show up. It says type /imagine and whatever you want and hit enter … I just wasn’t getting what they meant. But now I got it. All I can say is be as descriptive as you can or your image is just one main focal point.


A couple more things I worked on. No matter what I put in though, I certainly don’t get the results I see others getting :wink:

I know you’re a Discord user, @PrintDriver, but I can’t make heads nor tails of it. I registered months ago, but the entire concept of how things work makes no sense to me. Discord seems like a random bunch of stuff branching off in random directions to other random stuff with no rhyme or reason to any of it.

Admittedly, I haven’t spent hardly any time researching it, but if it makes no intuitive sense to me at first, my attention moves on to something else a little more logical. Obviously, I’m missing something.

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Pretty fun


Once you’re in
type /imagine and then whatever you want


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Will try again tonight. Discord is one of the things blocked at work. For good reason I suspect. :smile:

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I’m really having fun with learning the “right” keywords :smiley:


One of my favorite things I’ve seen done with it, a painter used his own name as a prompt. It’s fascinating. He’s Jeremy Geddes or @jeremyispainting on Instagram. The Midjourney interpretation is @jeremyisnotpainting. I’ve also been following Will Toulan. It’s quite amazing.

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This is really scary

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Getty sent out this email today:

AI Generated Content

Effective immediately, Getty Images will cease to accept all submissions created using AI generative models (e.g., Stable Diffusion, Dall‑E 2, MidJourney, etc.) and prior submissions utilizing such models will be removed.

There are open questions with respect to the copyright of outputs from these models and there are unaddressed rights issues with respect to the underlying imagery and metadata used to train these models.

These changes do not prevent the submission of 3D renders and do not impact the use of digital editing tools (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) with respect to modifying and creating imagery.

Best wishes,

Getty Images iStock


I’m surprised they ever accepted them since the copyright issues seem murky. I suppose it’s just Getty playing catch-up to something that got ahead of them.

Give the whole thing time for the legal and technical issues to work themselves out, and AI will be one more nail in the coffin for illustrators and photographers.

I’m not surprised by this at all. I am surprised it took them so long :wink:

There are also major rumblings in Art/Photography circles of people entering AI content in contests and NOT telling anyone they are AI. It isn’t until someone finds out and then all hell breaks loose.

This is why we can’t have nice things LOL. To me it’s something fun to play with. I also have no problem saying it’s AI generated because that is part of the fascination for me.

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Been trying to figure out how to make pretty glass.

If nothing else, it’s very entertaining to me :wink:






This is exactly why we can’t have nice things. People are very creative in finding ways of “ruining” good ideas, in general :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Is anyone bothering with this anymore? I’m assuming no, since no one is posting. I am still having a lot of fun with it though :slight_smile:

I’ve been learning some really cool new prompts that affect lighting, texture etc. I am just tickled with how this turned out :smiley:

I’ve also been having fun learning landscaping prompts.