My first

hello, this is my first work

Welcome Aboard :slight_smile: But I don’t see anything :wink:

Red, that’s true art. He/she totally subverted public expectations and made us think! :slight_smile:

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lmao :smiley:

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I’m with Neverman. Get with the times Red. It’s all about the negative space these days, minimalism-to the extreme, Modern and abstract. Nothing IS …everything.


Hey, I’m the first to say I usually live under a rock lol :smiley:

There is no rock. and no spoon.

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Try not… do.

Or do not.

There is no try.

I never understood that Yoda quote. You cannot Do if you do not Try.

It’s got to do with confidence. There’s a more likely chance you’ll succeed if you say you’ll do something instead of saying you’ll try.

Spiral Out We Must.

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