New Member Introduction for BluKatKastle

Hi guys! My name is Kearstyn! I am new to the Graphic Design Industry! I am currently in school and I am a mother of 3. I’m ready to learn if anyone wants to let me in on some “industry secrets” lol, just kidding.

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Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks!! I’m not exactly sure what this forum is for I suppose. I have never really participated in forums before. Do you think you could give me a little insight?

Welcome to the GDF forum Kearstyn.

We mostly just discuss things related to graphic design here. It’s not really all that different from a Facebook or LinkedIn group if you’re familiar with them.

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Welcome to the forum Kearstyn.

Some of us might be more opinionated than others, just so you know.

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Welcome to GDF.

In school, and 3 kiddos? Sounds like a lot of work. Best of luck.

And I’m not sure how many industry secrets we have, but if you poke around on the forum there is quite a bit of good advice covering quite a few things you might run across.

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RKK sends out a big “Welcome Aboard” to BKK :smiley:

Nice to meet a fellow Kat :wink:


Ooo, the Kats are multiplyin’. Exciting.

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Hello @BluKatKastle! Where are you from?

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Hey! It’s always to meet a fellow Kat! BluKatKastle is my gamertag too!

@BluKatKastle G’day and welcome to the forums :beers: :call_me_hand:

Except you guys probably don’t sell peoples data to multi-national corporations :laughing:

I dunno if we do or not. Never asked.

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To my knowledge, there haven’t been any Russian hacks posting fake news either. Then again, there just might be a long-established mole here working for the Kremlin. One never really knows. :wink:

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