New student Graphic designer from Holland

Before you wrote “accurately measuring and scoring subjective judgments” and now you say “arriving at a consensus.” Is the consensus of flat-earther’s accurate? No, but they are entitled to their judgment as long as no one gets hurt because of it.

Can style or unique ways of visually expression be standardized (a consensus)?

Please explain how simply pointing out an error is dismissive.

Anyway, getting back to the topic, does anyone actually care if poor business people blow a few hundred or thousand on bad graphic design, or is this all really about having less competition by requiring an expensive degree to enter the field?


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Yes, I care . . . about the perceived value of good graphic design. The profession, its product, and the potential of that product to contribute to the achievement of the clients’ business objectives have been compromised and devalued from every angle, and that’s bad for both sides of the transaction. More bad graphic design dumped into the mix will just keep the degradation going.

Well for one thing, that would be a horribly weak strategy; offering bad advice to thin the herd. The typical Scooby-Doo villain has a better plan for scaring people off. Actually, the “expensive degree” requirement is simply a job-market reality, and not an idea hatched by those offering accurate advice in that regard.

Your meaning isn’t clear. Are you saying that it would be ineffective to require a degree to practice graphic design? In my state, practicing medicine without a license could win you a 10k fine and three years imprisonment. That’s a pretty good disincentive if you asked me.

And that’s a wrap …


I’m going to leave this open if y’all still want to converse … but there is no longer any need to respond to the OP or Praxis.

No, and now you’re starting to come off as facetious, or at least conveniently forgetting having typed the question to which I was responding:

If you work in pharmaceutical graphic design and make an error it can potentially lead to patient deaths and lawsuits of unimaginable scale.


No way, he is a 50 something year old very conflictive person. You can visit his website: www(dot) julioflores(dot)site and see for yourself that he really needs some formal education in web design at least. I only joined this forum because he posted a video talking about his bad experience here. He is a person that despises formal education (among many other things) however he at some point joined the university in Holland, and could not pass (unsurprisingly) the 1st year.