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My name is Kira, I am a 28 yr old student at The LA Fim School. I just started school for Graphic Design this month (Jan 2021). I am currently doing classes online. I am located in Colorado. I am really excited for this new chapter in my life. I have dabbled with some editing and designing but I have never used Adobe so my whole education at school is going to be a learning experience. wish me luck and please give me any tips as well


Welcome to the forum and good luck.
If you want tips, post up some work in the Student critique section. But wear your heavy sweater. We will be honest.

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Welcome :slight_smile:


Start by discovering something that you find enjoyable or fascinating to study. Share your conclusions with others during “Brainstorming” or “Ideation.”
Don’t equate your own Project to another, but look at some great Project work and learn about what they did to inspire you. It can really help you get unstuck while you’re stuck.

The most critical thing of all - have fun with the stuff! What you study in a graphic design degree is so wide you can do whatever you like about your technical career…"

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