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Hey people!

I recently graduated and have been doing some Freelance for the past 2 years or so. I have been applying like crazy and just can’t seem to land anything. It is draining to say the least, but I have no option but to keep chugging along! I was just curious as to if anyone could take a look at my website and give me feedback. (not on the website but the work included) which is another annoying factor that every employee expects Graphic Designers to be web developers…might have to take some more classes. Well thanks for taking a look!

My Website

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Hiya chavisuals!! Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:


You could post a crit request over in the Crit Pit

Your portfolio is slow to load. I had a look at the file sizes and some images are 2MB each. It is important to “Save for web” so that viewers aren’t chugging through data.

You should have a few sentences about each project. Alki Cafe is a good example of this.

Alki Cafe 1955 menu, what is the 1955 about?

I would delete the For fun and Poster sections of your website. They look more like personal art projects than graphic design.

Bearpack. Is this a logo design? Which was the final design? It is not clear from what you have presented. The swingtag logo is different to the business card logo, is different to the photo overlay logos. Is the rough texture of the logo part of the logo or not?

Have you don’t any multi-page graphic design? Something that might require knowledge of character/paragraph styles and master pages?

Please proof read! “As a Designer…” is unfinished.

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