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I think I’m ready for you guys! Check out my new portfolio site Happy Mountain Portfolio.

I do plan on going back through and chopping the project images up and writing a few paragraph descriptions for each while I update along with an actual email form in the footer.

Well, let me have it, smooches :smiley:

If anyone viewed it, something got a little hairy on the database, fixed now.

I’ll throw this out for what it’s worth. When I first looked at the website earlier this morning on my iPad, it wasn’t immediately obvious that each of the blocks were case studies to click on. I was scrolling on the sides and thought what I was looking at was it. Neither did I realize the Let’s Join Forces was an email link. Now, I fully admit that it was pretty early and all of the neurons weren’t firing, yet. Looking at it on my desktop, the navigation is more obvious. I’d be tempted to do some testing. Hand this to someone on a phone or tablet and ask them what they think. See if the test subjects realize everything is clickable.

All of that said,I like the simplicity of the site, and you have some very nice work samples.

Thanks Steve, you touched on exactly the things I know I want to make adjustments too.

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