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Unfortunately I didn’t have access to the logo so I wasn’t going to remake it.

I dont think 3 ingredients are clear on any version.
Empowering Guts having a TM is pointless. As far as I know it hasn’t been registered with that company.
I opted to put it in quotes in another version.

Yeh nothing illegal or anything about adding TM but it’s not right either. Anyway.

As I said - both have good and bad points. I just prefer the one with the more colour and more vibrancy. But that’s my personal taste.

The client may well have preferred yours. But the hierarchy in the text is not right on any of them.

Do you think the Left was a copy to the “Sprout Living”

I think the Hierarchy is decent. None of it is excellent

Yeh they’re quite similar. But this what people who design on the cheap do - just copy other people’s work.
If you’re going to copy it - at least make it better!

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Saw this this morning and thought it was apt.

There’s always someone that can do it at a cheaper price!


Actually ^ that is what happens when the client says, you only have this many bricks but you have to make a wall that long and this high… Something to think about there…


Your post here inspired this latest episode. Hope it’s helpful.

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@creativeboost looks like to be a solid article. I skimmed and it looks solid so I’ll go more in depth later. Glad I could be of some inspiration.

“Its doable” Billyjeanplxiv

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@creativeboost will totally check out your latest podcast, loved the one where you intervied Blair Enns. Am a huge fan of him and Chris Do!


You are right on target, Just-B. I’m retired so I really don’t need the money, but even today if a client asks me to do a project, my “retired” rate has dropped down to $150/hr. The last time my rate was $15/hr. was in 1967. For the sake of all GD Professionals Never, never, never underprice the value of excellent graphic design!


Wow since 1967, that’s a decent tour of duty! What was the most significant change you noticed in the industry during your career?

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Wow. It would be great to hear your story. Did you work for someone else for your whole career or did you spend any time self-employed? If you worked for others, what are the different job titles you’ve held (designer, AD, CD, etc.? What advice do you have for designers in 2020? Any thoughts on age bias? Any specific advice for designers over 50? If you’re so inclined, I think it would be great if you started a new thread about your career. Of course, this is a public forum and you are free to divulge or not divulge as you see fit. While I have some time to go before I retire, I’m at an age where it’s at least on my radar.

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I think you and I are probably of the same age range. Perhaps you’re more senior in this field because I was in another career then – But isn’t it great to being growing up in the 60s?

Thanks for the compliment and story suggestion, Steve O., Eriskay, and Pluto — That is a great suggestion, Steve, and I will do just that shortly, perhaps within a week or so. Your compliments make me feel both humble and appreciated. And you all know we “Creatives” thrive on appreciation!

Look for my complete story coming on this forum. (My wife and I are quite busy during the week because we volunteered to keep five of our grandkids at our place so their parents could work.Its a COVID thing.) … One more thing, I developed a neurological condition a few years back (tremors) that make typing a bit difficult, so it may take me a while to type up the story in full.

Thank the Good Lord, my wife and I lived frugally during my most productive years, putting about half my income in mutual funds, so we could retire in comfort, even during a pandemic. A word to the wise, young designers!)


I’d very much like to hear that too.

It sounds like you might have about ten or twelve years on me, so I’m eager to hear your experiences — not only about the good, old rubber cement and rubylith days, which we both remember, but also about how you’ve handled all the many transitions over the years and, especially, about your transition into retirement and whether or not you’re still doing some work on the side.

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I feel so young.

Just-B — Thank you! I will start to work on it this weekend but like I said in my earlier post, it may take me some time, but I promise I will do it.

My squirrel icon by the way, is one of my favorite drawings from one of my granddaughters.

Man, she’s good. Tell me she’s six years of age.

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