Sandi Sipe Writings

Hello, I’m Sandi, but some know me as Sassy. My two main focuses in the writing genres are romance and social issues such as politics, government, and domestic cases.
My romances are inspirational and clean. I focus more on the romance aspect, the couple’s dealing and coping with issues that can make or break a relationship.
My social issues book in progress is about the mass shooting epidemic that continues to sweep our nation.
Well, that is about it for me, I hope to talk with many of you. Talk to you soon.

Are you a book designer?

Backing out slowly…


no, I’m a copy editor. I chose to take a design class to understand the full process before my hands get on it, and then after.

Welcome to the forum, Sassy. :grinning:

Thank you so much, Just-B.
can you tell me how to add my logo to this forum? As a low-vision ‘victim’ I’m unsure of what icon to click.

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Do you want to add it as your avatar, like you’ve already done with your photo? Or are you asking how to upload it into a post to be critiqued (assuming you created it)?

I’m sorry I was not detailed. I am wanting to upload images from my computer images file to the forum for critique.

When you create a post, you can simply drag the image onto the text box.
Be sure your cursor is where you want the image to plop itself when you drop it

Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this to the intro thread since there is nothing to critique and it had the most replies. I removed your exact same thread from there to prevent confusion :wink:

When you want to post something for critique please post a new thread over here

You can also click this icon in the reply box to upload from your PC

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