Student seeking feedback#2

Hi All,
I have to submit some designs for a new Vegemite logo as part of an assesment.
I also need to seek feedback from 2 graphic designers based on the questions below. As I dont actually know any I am relying on help from any designers out there that are generous enough to give me some of their precious time to answer the following:
a) What does the logo represent to you?
b) Is it legible? Is it easy to read and understand?
c) What is the core product/service undertaken by the business?
d) What do you think about the company when you see this? (List a range of key adjectives for them to choose from ie innovative, stylish
e) Does it stand out and catch your eye (you may want to include a visual amongst your competitor logos)
f) Does it feel genuine?
g) Are there any technical, legal or budgetary issues that need to be considered?

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