Where's everyone from?

Not yet but it’s on the list. I only started looking into astrophotography this year since it’s the one area of photography that my husband is actually interested in and I think it would be fun. We’ve been out to shoot twice while on the west coast this year with just the equipment I already have and have learned that there are a ton of things to take into account when trying to get good pictures of the night sky. I want to pick up an ultra-wide lens this summer when my budget allows and I’ll probably look into a mount after that purchase.

Born and raised in Singapore, moved to Japan when 20 and have been here since then.


Antwerp, Belgium


Sonoma County, California, aka wine country. About an hour north of San Francisco.

I love the Sonoma Valley. It’s a beautiful place.

Ravenshoe - Australia

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I am located in the region where the German knie points :wink:

Fred W. Rose, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Which region on our blue dot is GraphicDesignForum based in?


Ahh, you’re from the good, old Austro-Hungarian Empire. Cool map.

The Graphic Design Forum doesn’t really have a home base. Since it’s an English-language forum, most of its participants are from English-speaking countries. Quite a few participants from other countries around the world join in too.

… and a few spammers, which is the real yardstick of success.

My husband and I are hoping we can either eventually move there for a while through his job with Honda or at the very least live there for a bit when we retire (far in the future).

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I hope Japan won’t disappoint you then and it’ll be cool if we can meet in person one day! :smiley:

Since you started looking into astrophotography: There are some interesting #astrophotography macros for #AffinityPhoto. (I tried to link them, but I guess that was the reason for my comment to get hidden.)

The forum rules prohibit advertising, which is why your previous post about your products was hidden. However, when mentions are made that fit within the discussion, we’ll sometimes make exceptions.

Oh, I would be proud if those macros were my products :slightly_smiling_face: (they are not). Thanks for explaining though.

Your hidden post began with, “I’ve released v11 of my …”

You said they’re yours, and now you’re saying they’re not. What am I misunderstanding?

It was just a twitter link and graphicdesignforum com resolved it/embedded it to show the full text of the tweet. I am not James Ritson from Affinity. It was his text. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

(Maybe you can hide this conversation afterwards, without downgrading my reputation?)

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OK, thank you for the explanation. It all makes sense now. Everything’s good.

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I am from Bangladesh

Neyshabur - Iran

Greetings from Malaysia of high rate corruption :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but lovely peoples :laughing: and food

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