Who likes music?!

Above all what I like in music is diversity. Various music back to back.

There is definetly 2 tunes for you @RedKittieKat in that “happy” little playlist…

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Bit of fun in these dark times. :grinning:

Okay, so this song is about a relationship not about Coronavirus, but I think the message is applicable. Also, the Hoodoo Gurus rock, so there’s that.

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what was the last great music album you fellers purchased?

Are you talking physical vinyl, physical CD, digital album?

My sister thought I needed cheering up. So she sent me this.
Made me smile.

Pretty sure I’ve posted Imelda May in the past, but it’s tough to get too much.

i forgot what an album is
i guess from a store.

Empty Bed Blues by Josh White.

Vinyl: ZZ Top - Eliminator 1983
CD: David Bowie - Blackstar 2015
Digital: Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name Of 2009 (just that song bought for a protest campaign; I have never bought a digital version of a full album)

I can’t say I will never buy an album again, but what I mostly do now is subscribe to a couple of streaming services (Spotify, Tidal) so I can listen to whatever I want - and that includes classical, jazz, rock and music from around the world.

I still have all my vinyl and all my CDs, but I rarely play them.

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My last purchase was Alan Parson The Secret 2019
well via a library, since i pay taxes…
but the last CD i forked money over was Keko Matsui Soul Quest in 2016
since i don’t buy apple or amazon anything anymore, i can’t purchase music anymore.

Patrick Moraz: The Story of I

Its that a good recording?
I like relayer by yes and long distance voyager by the moody blues.

I love it, but it surely falls within the realm of acquired tastes. If you like Yes, you’re about 30% of the way there. It’s a giant step toward progressive fusion, even with Yes as the reference point.

I like it because the compositions are complex and unusual, and because it features two great drummers: Alphonse Mouzon and Andy Newmark, along with many intriguing layers added by The Percussionists of Rio de Janeiro. On the downside, by today’s standards, the production is somewhat jarring in places with Moraz’s prevailing keyboard sounds and effects a bit on the shrill side. And, for those with a more mainstream-tuned ear, it’s not light listening.

I’ll never forget playing the black-label-on-pink-plastic 8-track tape in my 1970 Nova back in high school. I was the only one in my friend group listening to anything this far “out there”.

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Weird Al getting in on the social distancing, balcony musical action … love it! :heart::heart::heart:


8 tracks had an affinity for pink plastic cases with black labels. I had a few in the bin in the van in the late 70s, but couldn’t tell you who was on them – though I think one was Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 6.22.26 AM

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Walking Good by Mounika 2018!

I am in love with this song! :grinning:
Infinity Ink {sorry I am not allowed to share link on this forum}

We don’t allow any brand new members to post links. It weeds out tons of spammers who only join to post their links and disappear into the night :wink: I’ve upped your ranking so you are good to go now :slight_smile:

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