Who likes music?!

How many movies do you recognize:

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That was fun. I know I’m missing some major references, but here’s what I saw:

Say Anything
Die Hard
Wayne’s World
Lost Boys
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Risky Business
Ferris Buller’s Day Off
Star Wars
Breakfast Club
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Shining
Weird Science
Back to the Future


Pluto’s post reminded me of this old Moby song. How many celebrities / former celebrities / pop culture folks can you spot? This is a little tougher for me as I don’t necessarily recognize individuals like I do movie references.


I recognized several … but some … no clue :wink:

Todd Bridges and Gary Coleman
Kato Kaelin
Verne Troyer
Corey Feldman
The guy from N’Sync but I don’t know his name :stuck_out_tongue:
Dave Navarro
You can’t miss Sean Bean in the DeLorean
slimy Ron Jeremy
Tommy Lee
The Toxic Avenger.

No clue who the rest are.

If you want to play, there are 18 “celebs” in the Moby video. The Wikipedia article on the song lists them all. Honestly, a lot of the names I do not know.

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@Steve_O Your posts reminded me how Moby was crushing in 90’s on gigs his drum machine, sharing the pieces from stage …

@RedKittieKat did much better than me! Am a shocker when it comes to celebrities, reckonized about 3 people but don’t know their names! :laughing:

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Ha, that Moby video reminded me of this Beastie Boys one which is chock full of celebrities:

And the Gunship video reminded me of Dan Blacks’ Symphonies video which has a lot of homages to movie title screens.

Chill tunes for your Friday… :sunglasses: :sun_with_face: :beers:

You want chill? From 1973;

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