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I’m currently a graphic design student and need to get feedback for an assignment I’m busy with. For this assignment, I need to re-design a logo for IKEA. (I’ll include 2x concept logos ). There are also specific questions that I need to get answered. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

Questions to answer:

  1. What does the logo represent to you?
  2. Is it legible? (Easy to read and understand?)
  3. What is the core product/service undertaken by the business?
  4. What do you think about the company when you see this logo? Choose applicable ones: innovative, stylish, modern, minimalist, international.
  5. Does it stand out and catch your eye?
  6. Does it feel genuine?
  7. Are there any technical issues that need to be considered?

Do you have sketches? if not, you should. Sketch, sketch, sketch . To paraphrase part of the author’s point:

“Start out on paper … with concepts at this stage—not designs. Designs emerge from concepts, concepts do not emerge from designs.”

At this point it looks like you picked two colors similar to ikea’s current yellow and blue, and are just trying to throw things together on the computer.

Stop. Step away from your computer. Sketch instead, you’ll be thankful you did.

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Your professor is beginning to bore me.
Read those and people will have pointed out many technical issues.

On your particular logo…
IKEA is a big huge humongous warehouse store. That logo goes on the side of the building and in the right location can be seen for miles. Print your logos out on a piece of paper and tape it to the wall. Stand back and look at it. What can you NOT see?

Really tiny type, subtle color changes and really skinny black lines = no good

Drop shadows in logos = bad.

5 colors = bad

While the Mondrian-esque piece isn’t so bad, the contrast of the black against the blue is not working. (do not put yellow letters on blue and vice versa. :scream:) Don’t overpower the name with the concept of flat boxes. IKEA is already a known brand. Have a darn good reason to do what you do to it.


Thanks Craig - yes, I did create 12 thumbnail sketches to start with. In order to complete my assignment, I now need feedback on 2 of my concept logos (created electronically.)

12 sketches is a start, but it should be upwards of 50 to 100.

12 sketches doesn’t give your brain an opportunity to get past the initial preconceived ideas of what you want the logo to be and it also doesn’t get past the more obvious choices.

Your tagline in both of these should probably just be removed. One they’re too small, and two the logo needs to work on it’s own.

@PrintDriver highlighted most of the other issues.

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