Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone,
I am a diploma of Graphic design student and glad to have found this Forum. It will be a great way to stay in touch with industry once I graduate.
Looking forward to be amused, entertained, informed and contribute.

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Hi @VanguardMakers!

I am also a Graphic Design student currently in second year. I would love to get to know you and maybe we can be friends? :smile:

Hi Becca,
Glad we can connect through the Forum. How are you finding your Course?
I am studying typography and Wayfinding this term.

My course can be pretty intense at times. I’m on a break right now, but last term we focused on branding and creating a corporate identity which was intersting. Did you always know you wanted to go into graphic design? I originally wanted to study web development and design.

Hope you are enjoying your break. I had an intense term 2 with 6 subjects so glad my timetable is lighter. I studied Fine Arts previously, Photography and Film Production. And now graphic design as a mature age student. It will tie all my skills together.

You can still do web development after? it’s going to be more in demand

Wow, that is very impressive. You’re definitely a well-rounded person in the arts. I studied art while I was in high school and did a little photography last year.

Definitely will do web developemnt after my final year. It is a big industry and I would say the career of the future. What other things are you interested in?

I am interested in Character Design and 2D and 3D Animation so will probably try to also dabble in that. Motion graphics seems fun too. That’s probably why I love Graphic design, it can lead me to so many avenues. Great that you are doing Web development.
I am always watching tutorials online, so handy.

Welcome to the forum, Wina. I’m glad you found us. :smile:

Thanks B, Glad I found this site too! :smiley:

I agree; that’s exactly why I chose to study Graphic design. Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I knit, crochet and paint as a hobby. Sometimes sew clothes too. Big on the Crafts. How about you?

I have always thought people who paint are extremely talented. I mostly read or write and sometimes draw. I am a bit of an introvert, always have my head in a book. What kind of subject matter do you paint?

Painting is relaxing and meditative. I paint animals, landscapes, Under the Sea themes. Portraits. And surrealism. All kinds of topics really. Would like to do more analogue but right now Digital illustrations is happening due to course.

Wow, that’s awesome. I know exactly what you mean, I have done a few digital illustrations for my course as well.

Welcome Aboard to both of you



It’s nice that all our art and photography experience can relate in Graphic design. Have you tried Adobe Dimensions program yet? Its amazing and Fun.

Welcome to GDF guys!


No, not yet, but I will look into it. :smile:
I have mostly been working in Photoshop and InDesign.

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