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My sweet old Abdul. He is 13 going on 14. Always a big strong healthy boy until very recently. He began losing weight rapidly. Today was Vet day. He has stomach cancer. So we are continuing with small feedings frequently as he can tolerate and keeping him comfortable. No matter how much we prepare with our furbabies, that time is always so damn hard. So, while we are keeping a close eye for pain issues arising, for now we are keeping happy and comfortable. Lots of kisses and soft psp psp psping :heart: I was there when he arrived into this world and I’ll keep him company on the way out. So, should I disappear for a couple days in the near future … just know I’m ok … but probably a bit of a wreck for a bit. Not looking for sympathy … just want to share my beautiful boy one last time :heart:


Oh god. Sorry to hear. I can empathise. It never gets easier. You just have to console yourself with the fact that you gave them a good life.

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Yep … we’ve all been there, more than once for a lot of us … and that is really all we can do. We gave them good forever homes. :heart:

Thanks Sprout :heart:

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Oh, gosh, I am so sorry to hear that. It’s never easy.

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That’s for sure. Thank you Steve :heart:

So sorry to hear that Red, I’ve followed Abdul’s antics for as long as you’ve had him I think.

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Aww Thanks Kool :heart:

Yep … he has been a super sweet and funny kitteh. Some days would be so miserable and he would come and nudge me and tip that silly face at me and all would be well with the world :heart:

Literally over the back garden hedge;


I have a small workshop in my garage and enjoy building small projects. A few weeks ago I had this dream about building a wooden cube. It wasn’t just a hunk of wood cut into a cube, rather it was 6 sides all joined with 45 degree bevels so that there was no visible endgrain. The next night I dreamed of it again, and again the next night. So I sold a few antiques and an old car so I could buy a nice pine board. I wanted to see if it was even possible with my limited skills and tools. The end result was pretty good, there were a few janky seams since gluing 6 faces together at once is hard but thats what they invented wood filler for. With proof of concept established I took out a second mortgage and bought a nice piece of black walnut. Below is the end result. I’m pretty happy with it. I’m not sure why the universe wanted me to build it but it is strangely satisfying to hold and fondle LOL :sunglasses:



On a more serious note though … I love it! What a lovely addition to any mantle or shelf! Love the stain you chose too :heart:

@StudioMonkey … Your own secret garden path :heart:

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Secret garden path looks like it has quite a nettle infestation. Not necessarily a bad thing but…ouch.

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